HSSC rules for All Sorts of Sports Handball

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All Sorts of Sports: Handball

There is only one format of Handball under SSC rules. It is described in its entirety below.


Game Time

All matches of Handball are 55-minutes in length. Please arrive early to ensure you get the full use of your allotted court time. Regardless of when your game begins your game will always end on time to allow the succeeding games to begin at their scheduled time.

Time Keeping: If you’re playing without an official score clock the Event Coordinator on site will be keeping track of time and will determine the end of your game. In this instance, you will receive a warning indicating the final five (5) minutes of your game and a final signal for the end of your game. Once the final signal occurs your game is over.

Defaults: Teams will default a match if they cannot provide a full team 10 minutes after the scheduled start time.

Halftimes: There is no stoppage for halftime unless requested by one of the teams. If a half-time is requested then it must be accommodated by the opposing team.



A full squad consists of five (5) players on each team.

Gender Numbers: Each team must have a minimum of two (2) players of each gender.

Defaults: An official default will occur if a team cannot field a team with a minimum of four (4) players, including two (2) people of each gender within 10 minutes of the official start time.

Exceptions: Both teams can agree to play with any number of people on the court up to five (5) players, with any ratio of females and males. If both teams agree then the game counts.


Playing Area

All Handball gyms/arenas vary in size and there is no set standard for an SSC Handball surface.


The setup for Handball consists of two (2) floor hockey nets (one on each side of the playing area) and one (1) dodgeball.

Handball courts also have a crease around each team’s net. If the goalie crease is not already marked by the SSC, then team captains should agree on a crease before the game begins (i.e. use of other markings within the gym for sports such as basketball and floor hockey would be ideal)

Equipment/Set Up

Team captains are responsible for bringing the one (1) supplied dodgeballs to each game. The two nets will be provided by the SSC unless otherwise noted.

Teams are also responsible for keeping track of the score. Please designate one person to keep track of the score.



Teams are required to bring both light and coloured shirts to every game. Team colours are posted on the Sport and Social Club website in your schedule. If two teams have the same colour the team captains should contact each other to ensure that each team knows what colour to wear.

Defaults: There is no default for players that don’t wear the right colour. However, that player must do everything they can to ensure it’s not confusing for the opposition. Whether this means wearing a pinny, a hat, a teammate’s shirt, etc. Under no circumstances can a player purposefully deceive the opposition.


Handball 101

The object of Handball is to score more goals than the opposing team. A goal is scored when the ball has been thrown into the opposing teams net.

Initiating Play

Moving the Ball

The Crease

The Goalie

Out of Bounds


SSG Rules and Exceptions


Regular Season Matches

All regular season matches can end in a tie.


Playoffs Eligibility and Tiebreak

There must be a winner in a playoff match. In the event that the match ends in a tie, teams will partake in a shootout to determine a winner.

Each team chooses three players, minimum one female and one male, and takes one shot each from outside the crease (a run-up of 5 paces is allowed and players can shoot while over the crease). After three shots, if still tied, teams continue taking single shots until one team has scored (and the other team does not). The order of shooters must be maintained.


Rough Play

Any rough or physical play will result in immediate expulsion from further league play and may result in a lifetime league expulsion. Please see the Sport and Social Club General Policy for our official guidelines on this subject. It is recognized that incidental contact between players is inevitable; however, all players should go out of their way to avoid creating an unsafe play.  This rule supersedes all others. 

Please note that on-site staff and referees have full autonomy when supervising games. Games may be stopped entirely, players may be asked to leave the playing area or be removed from the game entirely under their discretion.



There are absolutely no alcoholic beverages permitted on SSC property. Any offenders will be asked to leave the league without refund. No exceptions.