How-To Videos

Links to How-To Videos for the TEAM System

League and Schedule Related Issues

What does my team get if we win?
My schedule says I'm playing at 12:00AM at "location pending": what does this mean?
Are there games on spring and summer holiday long weekends?

Member Benefits

Where can I find out what my member benefits are?

Registration Related Issues

I've registered, now what do I do?
How do individuals get assigned to a team?
How do I pick up equipment and pay for the deposit?
When does the season start?
Where will I be playing?
I am no longer able to play my sport. Can I get a refund?
I would like to be contacted when registration opens - how do I do this?
I still see "not yet assigned" in my profile - what's going on?
Can I call or email to find out when my schedule will be posted?
What happens if the program I want to sign up for is “Wait-Listed”?
How much are late fees?

TEAM System FAQs for Individual Registrants

Why does my profile say that my individual registration teams are "unassigned"?
I am not sure if I specified the right people to play with?

TEAM System Issues

What is the T.E.A.M. System?
Sport and Social Club Web Site Requirements:
What are the kinds of users in the T.E.A.M. System?
Features for team captains (those who registered and paid for a full team):
Features for team members (those who were either added to a roster by a captain or accepted an invitation):
Features for individual registrants (those who registered and paid by themselves or with a small group)
How do I get a username and password?
What if I have forgotten my username and password?
Where do I log into my profile?
Do I have to log into my profile every time I want to see my schedule?
Are you having problems Logging into your profile?
Why do I have to invite people to be on my team?
Are you experiencing problems sending/accepting an invitation to a team mate to join a team?
Adding new people to your team roster
Resending invitations
Deleting people from your roster
How do I report my score?
How do I change the team name and colour?
As I captain, how do I turn on the Roster Tracker game attendance emails?
How do I get game attendance emails?

Team T-Shirts

When is the deadline to register in order to benefit from the free t-shirt program?
I've registered, what happens next?
When will I hear from My Team Shirts, and what if I don’t?
How many t-shirts are included with my team registration?